Love alone is a worth to fight

Love alone is a worth to fight….

Could be the feeling which many have to report back of his heart, or could been a illusion as שְׁלֹמֹה said someday, but seems that love is universal language, something which many understand and fail to understand, often characterize this like complex.

I learned a lot of things with that struggles, but things that can i use to show off real love.

Some waving flags feelings his manners of the town who looking them grow up,  some others, wasting time playing with some friends, others hugging to really love ones, i just try to describe: “Love alone is a worth to fight”.

The love open doors, the love take over of your hopeless fight, it seems a moment who never takes tha stage to show him again.

The love take down your fears, Love alone is a worth to fight, is that we need to take the world against sometimes about us. We pretend go fast through the life, but the life goes fast through us. We can´t handle it, but we can fight for that really worth, and Love alone is a worth to fight. 

You seems me like deep personality that i can to show off you what i love in my life when i living softly without stress and worries.

You impact to me to change the way without blind, i want to rise up victories, i want to never fail because you gimme armaments to fight for Love alone, that´s really worth for everyone but everyone blind walking at sidewalk and drinking to know nothing.

I appreciate when your glad for anything, when your smile because your side with me, when your talk about topics or news, when you tell me that you love me, when you tell me that you need a hugs and kisses, when you calling me, i appreciate everything that comes from you.

To conclude this, the Loves alone is a worth to fight.

Love alone is a worth to fight